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The Delaney Jagata was the very first Delaney model. It was designed and built in our Montana shop.  This double cutaway design was (and is still) Mike's #1 gigging axe.  

The model name was determined on our way to exhibiting at our first NAMM show in California.  The business was just starting and it took a BIG leap of faith (and credit cards) to exhibit at the world-famous NAMM show.  Mike was driving, and Val was in the office doing last minute marketing sheets to be overnighted to him in LA.  We were kicking around a bunch of different names and nothing seemed right.  Then Val said, "whatever its name is, jagata sell a bunch so we can eat next week!"  We both laughed and realized that Jagata just HAD to be the name of this first model!!

Starting at $2,249.


  • Solid, chambered, or semi-hollow w/ f-hole
  • Tone woods, top woods, pickguard
  • Set or bolt on neck, headstock
  • Neck profile, radius, neck & fret woods
  • Finish
  • Electronics
  • Custom Artwork
  • Case
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